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Gain insights into the revolution of subscription operations and how to establish a solid foundation for business intelligence. 

camera-video_1-2 Nov 29, 2023  alarm-clock-time-timer-1 30 Min.  Pin, Location.1On-demand

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Event summary

Aside from the Grand Reveal, next23 this year featured inspiring sessions that explored industry trends, business intelligence, and the future of subscription forecasting.

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Rethink subscription journeys for insightful and interactive business operations
Operate a subscription business that meets the challenges of time—where insights go beyond mere glimpses into ARR. Discover the missing links that connect business users with dynamic customer journeys and the past, present, and future of business outcomes.

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The future of business intelligence
The post-dashboard world of BI is impactful, actionable, unified, personalized, adaptive, and pervasive. Understand Forrester’s take on the future of BI and emerging technologies to deliver.



Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Marco Sarich

Guest Speaker

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Boris Evelson
VP Principal Analyst